El Toro

April 1, 2017

I suppose the final straw was when the right front stub shaft on on my 1995 F-150 froze due to a failed needle bearing. Typically this would be something I could repair, but in this case, I can'take the spindle off to access the bearing on account of the fact the nuts holding it into place are welded tight with decades of rust.  It is no coincidence that my daughter affectionately named my truck La Cucaracha in part due to the rust that seems to be growing from the frame. It is as if the rust had taken on a life of its own and it is highly likely that the it is everything together. This truck has definitely seen better days (don't let the picture fool you) however, it was still with mixed emotions knowing that I would have to retire her, especially seeing how I put so much work into keeping her on the road. This breakdown was certainly disappointing,  but it did serve to emphasize the necessity for expediting the purchase of a replacement vehicle. Although I had been looking for a new truck that could serve as both a daily driver and a tow vehicle, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find one with all of the features I wanted for the price I was willing to spend. It was beginning to look like I was going to have to settle, that is until a pre-owned 2016 Ram 1500 came on the market with all of the features that I was looking for. So, without delay, my wife and I went to go take a look. 


Well needless to say, after a little bit of haggling over the sales price and finance rate, we pulled the trigger on the truck. Options include the Hemi 5.7 L V8 engine, a rear axle ratio of 3.92 paired with an 8-speed transmission, a  2" receiver, a trailer brake controller, a 32-gallon fuel tank, and a backup camera. The maximum loaded trailer weight this truck can accommodate is 10,190 pounds which should be more than sufficient for our needs. When we got home from the dealer we all decided to go out to dinner. As the engine roared to life I asked my daughter what the name of the truck should be. She confidently said, El Toro!

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