Hitting the Road

June 17, 2018

The actual departure from Miami was uneventful. Packing everything into the camper, well that's another story. Who knew one could ever accumulate so much shit? By the time I got the camper prepped and hitched up, it was almost midnight on Sunday, June 10th. We were supposed to leave at 3 am on Monday, June 11th, but damn, I hadn't even packed all the important stuff -such as fishing rods, camping gear, and booze. So, upon the advice of Mrs. Holiday, we decided to put off departure for a day. Kind of disappointing, but necessary, 


Florida has got to be one of the worst states to drive through, it truly is never-ending. My God, from Miami to Pensacola it took 14-hours of agonizing flat-land monotony. It is somewhat lonely, but ultimately peaceful driving for so long; there is something Zen about it. The passengers slept most of the way, and honestly, I didn't think it was humanly possible to sleep for so long. Then again, we are talking about a teenager. I don't know, but I seem to remember going on road trips with the family as a child and being interested at what was outside the window along the way. I always seemed to be interested in trying to figure out where we were by looking at the road signs and trying to determine where we were on the road map. But I guess that's me, I am a process kind of guy, it is all about the journey. My wife and daughter on the other hand, they are definitely all about the destination. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think part of the adventure is figuring out how to get there, and how to deal with the obstacles that occur along the way. 


I suppose part of the adventure is all about imagining how folks in other parts of the country live; what it's like to wake-up, drive to work, head in to town and go grocery shopping. How do they spend their leisure time? What is it like to live in that house or go to that school? Then I wonder if they think about the same sort of things when they travel, or are they like so many others who tend to bury their faces in their phones and look at the latest text coming in, or photos posted on Instagram. These, and countless other thoughts work their way through my brain while the world unfolds before my windshield. 


We arrived at Pensacola to a rainy evening, and setting up in the rain is not fun, but soon peacefulness ensued. It was like pulling up to a desert oasis in the middle of the ocean. Eating out at Flounder's Chowder Bar helped set the mood for Pensacola Beach, especially after several margarita's. Tequila can be a miraculous thing.  Only the videos can tell the rest of the story of our relaxing stay on the beach.



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